Kimberley Garner dines at Zuma

Meeting my sister and mummy for girls lunch at Zuma 🙂 so nice to get out the office, showing them my new designs.

Kimberley seems to be very fond of this restaurant as she has tweeted about it a few times now.  Free lunch then…I think….

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Dinner @zuma … Maybe slightly over ordered dessert 😉 xx :):)


the menu is comprehensive and alluring.  dishes are authentic but not traditional with bold, intense flavours and an emphasis on simple presentation acquired through quality ingredients
there is no set protocol on ordering from the menu;  izakaya style means that dishes are designed to be  shared at the table or enjoyed individually.

Sushi and Sashimi

california maki
fresh crab, avocado and tobiko
dynamite spider roll
softshell crab, chilli mayonnaise, cucumber and wasabi tobiko sauce
spicy tuna roll
tuna, homemade chilli miso and yuzu tobiko
unagi bo zushi
grilled fresh water eel with avocado, sweet omelette and gobo
zuma chirashi maki
mixed seafood selection with avocado, cucumber and shiso
Recipes to try if you can’t get to London.
Why not try a starter


  • 6 sheets nori
  • 3 cups sushi rice (cooked)
  • avocado
  • cucumber
  • 36 shrimp (with the tails cut)
  • 1 cup tobiko (flying fish eggs)


1 Slice the avocado and cucumber into long, thin slices.
2 Roll the sushi inside-out, using avocado, cucumber, and shrimp as your fillings.
3 Before cutting the sushi into pieces, spoon the masago over the sushi roll to coat (you can use more or less masago depending on your preference). Now cut the sushi into 6 or 8 pieces.
4 Serve with shoyu, wasabi, and ginger if desired.

sushi roller

If making sushi makes you think oh no…..I bought this little beauty and  it is brill and the sushi is perfect…Now it is anyway, first time looked like a dogs dinner, note to self read the instructions, follow them and it will be a dream.  Available from Amazon, I got mine from TX Maxx for £6.00 so worth looking on the cooking shelves.  It is worth it and easy peasy once you start.  Try it.


Cheryl loves a bit of Sushi

Cheryl has just visited Samba Sushi in London and loves a bit of sushi, here a few recipes to have a go with.


At the end of the night…for Cheryl it was

At the start of the night

Okay months apart and then he goes off to party more and she comes home…I will give it a week and then we will read about the break up!!!! Bye Bye Boyfriend!!! hello single life…….

Prawns and fresh seaweed tempura


  • 3-4 dozen large fresh prawns
  • a few sheets freshly collected sea lettuce, rinsed in fresh water and trimmed as required
  • oil for deep frying
  • small bunch spring onions, cut to 3cm/1½ in lengths
For the tempura batter
  • 250g/9oz plain flour
  • 1 large or 2 small egg yolks
  • 350ml/11½fl oz water
  • pinch of salt
For the dipping sauce
  • 2 tbsp soy sauce
  • 1 tbsp rice wine vinegar
  • spring onions, finely chopped

Preparation method

  1. If using live/raw prawns, bring a pan of well-salted (or sea) water to the boil and blanch the prawns for about 30 seconds. Leave to cool and peel.
  2. Wrap each prawn in a piece of sea lettuce and thread onto cocktail sticks, interspersed with lengths of spring onion. (Aim for three medium or two large prawns per stick).
  3. Make the batter by mixing all the ingredients together, adding more water if necessary to bring it to the consistency of thick paint (do not worry if it has lumps in it).
  4. Make the dipping sauce by mixing the soy sauce and rice wine vinegar together and adding the chopped spring onions.
  5. Heat the oil in a pan, then dip the cocktail sticks 3-4 at a time in the batter and drop straight into the oil. Fry until crisp (about 1 minute), drain briefly on kitchen paper, sprinkle with salt and serve immediately.
  6. Eat by picking up the sticks by the long end, dipping in the sauce, and eating in your fingers off the stick.

Tempura Ingredients

To make this version of vegetable tempura you will need:

  • 1½ -2 pounds of chopped vegetables. I will be using broccoli, eggplant, carrots, and cauliflower
  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 egg
  • 1/8 tsp baking soda
  • 1 cup icy cold water
  • enough vegetable oil to immerse vegetables
  • 2 cups panko

Tempura Method

Traditionally, a flour based batter is created using egg, flour, and extremely cold water. Most recipes recommend mixing the batter with chopsticks briefly so the signature tempura batter lumps remain and the consistency is what tempura aficionados have come to know and love.

Mix Tempura Ingredients

So mix your egg and ice cold water in a large bowl…and then sift your flour into this. Stir briefly with chopsticks. Remember the lumps are part of the dish.

Add Oil to Pot

For a deep fried dish tempura is pretty light. You want to pour enough oil into the bottom of a large sauce or stock pot to ensure the vegetables will be covered while frying.

Heat Oil

To make sure the temperature is hot enough to fry, drop some batter into the oil, if it sinks halfway to the bottom and rises back up the oil is ready to cook the vegetables. Setsuko Yoshizuka,’s Japanese cuisine expert, not only recommends this, she also says the correct temperature for frying the vegetables is 340 degrees Fahrenheit.

Flour and Fry Tempura Vegetables

Take your vegetables and dredge them lightly through the flour batter and then roll them in the Panko. Now begin cooking your vegetables in the hot oil. Approximately 2 minutes total – ensuring all the pieces reach a golden brown color.

Let the finished vegetables drain for a few minutes on a plate lined with paper towels.

Make Dipping Sauce

Dipping sauces vary from more simple and direct… combining saki, soy sauce and sugar, to more complex….to ones that include mirin – a Japanese sweet wine.

Vegetable tempura is best eaten as soon as it’s made and if you cover it, it gets mushy.

This vegetable tempura looks fantastic.

Cheryl Cole dines with friends at Sushi Samba

Cheryl Cole dines with Tre Holloway

Tre Hollyway Cheryl’s squeeze has flown in to London from the US to spend time with his girlfriend and his friends of course.

They went to Sushi Samba with friends on Saturday night.

Pricey outfit: Cheryl Cole wears a £2,400 outfit as she leaves Sushi Samba restaurant in the City of London on Saturday night
£2400 worth of clothing Miss Cole – Lovely
The couple, who started dating last year, joined friends for a meal at Sushi Samba at the top of the Heron Tower in the City of London.

Later on she returned home and he went on partying!

Located on the 38th and 39th floors of the Heron Tower, SUSHISAMBA delivers a unique blend of Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian cuisine, culture, music and striking design to the City of London. The location features the highest outdoor dining terraces in Europe, offering unparalleled, 360 degree views of the City. Two panoramic glass elevators whisk patrons from the ground to the 39th floor, opening up London from inside-out as the lifts climb further and further upwards. SUSHISAMBA’s main dining room – with its dramatic ceilings – overlooks views of London with floor-to-ceiling glass on three sides. A grid of lights hung through the open bamboo ceiling at varying heights creates a magical experience during daytime and evening, creating an intimate dining experience. The indoor-outdoor elements featured throughout the space, most notably, the designed structural orange tree on the west terrace. The tree sculpture reinforces the earth-to-sky motif while being an artwork in itself, reminiscent of great 20th century art and creates a dialogue with the street art found throughout the space.

Sushi Samba Menu


EDAMAME organic soybean, sea salt, lime 5.00
PADRÓN PEPPER grilled spicy pepper, sea salt, lemon 6.00
GREEN BEAN TEMPURA black truffle aioli 6.00
MISO SOUP shiitake, yuba, nameko, fresh coriander 5.00

small plates

TUNA TATAKI fresh heart of palm, avocado, citrus soy 12.5
 palmito, orange, bibb lettuce 12.00
CHICHARRÓN DE CALAMAR fried plantain, tomatoes, onion, mint, tamarind 13.00
DAIKON SALAD avocado, red pepper, chives, shallot-vinegar dressing 10.00
ROCK SHRIMP TEMPURA snap pea julienne, spicy mayonnaise, black truffle vinaigrette 13.00
WAGYU GYOZA kabocha purée, sesame and su-shoyu dipping sauce 12.00
WAGYU TATAKI foie gras, aji panca, fried quail egg 17.00
CRISPY TAQUITOS two per order
YELLOWTAIL avocado and roasted corn miso 12.00
WAGYU avocado and shichimi mayo 13.00


COCONUT RICE chives 4.50
PERUVIAN CORN micro coriander 4.00
ORGANIC QUINOA pickled red onion 5.00
PLANTAIN CHIPS aji amarillo 4.50


SCALLOP mandarin-leche de tigre, pickled mandarin, shiso 13.00
TUNA  watermelon-leche de tigre, pickled watermelon, wasabi peas, basil 12.00
‘MIXTO’ octopus, prawn, south coast white fish, pumpkin, aji limo, leche de tigre 11.00

KANPACHI yuzu, black truffle oil, sea salt 14.00
YELLOWTAIL jalapeño and lemongrass 12.00
TURBOT brioche, ponzu, sea water caviar, truffle oil 13.00


Fresh ingredients prepared over our traditional Japanese charcoal grill and served as small plates or ‘anticuchos’–Peruvian skewers.

ANTICUCHOS – served with peruvian corn
FLANK STEAK aji panca 12.00

1/2 LOBSTER spicy ikura vinaigrette 18.00
HAMACHI KAMA key lime and su-shoyu 12.00

FILET STEAK grilled scallion 17.50
DUCK BREAST sansho pepper vinaigrette 14.00
LAMB CHOP red miso and lime 15.00
POUSSIN teriyaki, japanese-style mayonnaise, yuzu kosho 15.00

VEGETABLES – served with hijiki seaweed salad
ASPARAGUS sweet soy and sesame 8.50
EGGPLANT mustard miso 6.00

large plates

MOQUECA MISTA shrimp, squid, sea bass, mussels and clams with coconut milk, dendê oil and chimichurri rice 30.00
BABY MONKFISH orange and parsley butter 35.00
CHURRASCO RIO GRANDE ribeye, chorizo, wagyu picanha 42.00
SEA BASS TEMPURA heritage tomatoes and beetroot seviche, aji verde, lime 21.00
MUSHROOM TOBANYAKI poached egg, japanese mushrooms, garlic chip 15.00

wagyu beef – grade 9 

ISHIYAKI 120g hot stone, dipping sauces, vegetables 49.00 

samba rolls

SAMBA LONDON crab, tuna, salmon, yellowtail, prawn, scallop, wagyu, avocado, tempura crunch, wasabi mayonnaise, aji panca, housemade soy reduction 16.00
NEO TOKYO bigeye tuna, tempura crunch, aji panca 12.00
EZO soy-marinated salmon, asparagus, onion, chive, sesame, tempura crunch, aji panca 10.00
SASA shrimp tempura, shishito, coriander, spicy mayonnaise, red onion 11.00
EL TOPO® salmon, jalapeño, shiso leaf, fresh melted mozzarella, crispy onion 11.00
WAGYU TE AMO wagyu, quail egg, garlic chip, crispy sweet potato, scallion, pear soy 13.00
SÃO PAULO scallop, masago, red onion, tuna, salmon, shrimp, yellowtail, avocado, truffle, hacho miso soy, chive oil 15.00

nigiri & sashimi

Nigiri 2 pcs OR Sashimi 3 pcs / Special Nigiri 2 pcs

AKAMI (Tuna) 8.00 / 9.00
HAMACHI (Yellowtail) 11.00 / 12.00
SAKE (Salmon) 8.00 / 9.00
KANPACHI (Amberjack) 10.00 / 11.00
ZUWAI GANI (Snow Crab) 10.00 / 11.00
HIRAME (Brill) 8.00 / 9.00
SUZUKI (Sea Bass) 8.00 / 9.00
BOTAN EBI (Sweet Shrimp) 8.00 / 9.00
EBI (Steam Shrimp) 6.00 / 7.00
IKURA (Salmon Egg) 10.00 / 11.00
SABA (Mackerel) 7.00 / 8.00
UNAGI (Freshwater Eel) 11.00 / 12.00
UNI (Sea Urchin) 13.00 / 14.00
HOTATE (Scallop) 12.00 / 13.00

3 kinds 22.00
5 kinds 37.00
7 kinds 58.00

7 pieces of Nigiri 25.00
7 pieces of Special Nigiri 28.00
4 pieces of veggie Nigiri & Maki 12.00